About Us

How We Started

The Sweet Room in Greensboro, North Carolina is a Bible-believing company that started in February 2013 in Arizona. We started by doing crafts, decorating events, and making desserts. Our owner, Brandi Oliver, has more than eight years of industry experience.

Since 2013, we have been focused on making homemade desserts. Our business has been featured in many events in Arizona, including one that supported COPD. We have also been named as Youngtown, Arizona business of the year for three years in a row, from 2014-2016. We are proud that through our business, we get to encourage and uplift others in the surrounding community.

Making the Move From Arizona to North Carolina

In September 2016, we relocated to the beautiful state of North Carolina to focus on expansion as well as business branding. Here at The Sweet Room, we specialize in desserts made from scratch. Our desserts are packaged in Mason jars, making them perfect for resealing to save for later.

Each order is custom-made to suit the preference of our customers and provide them with fresh and quality products. We offer a variety of desserts to cater to various tastes and allow customers to make requests, which is why there is no need for a menu.

We believe that every client is unique and we will cater to the uniqueness of everyone. Whether it is as simple as a traditional homemade dessert or something completely over-the-top, we promise that The Sweet Room will never leave you disappointed.